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Get Smart

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Last week while I was in prayer, the Lord told me that this is the year of The Open Door. As I prayed, the Spirit of God reminded me of the opening scene of a tv show that aired in the 60s.

The main character, Maxwell Smart would walk through open door after open door. Each door opened at the perfect and precise time.

As I just thought about that again, I was able to find the clip on google and share it with one of my friends. As I watched the clip, the title of the show GET SMART really jumped out at me.

Friends, Father God has open doors for you. You don’t have to force them open, they will open for you at the perfect time.

It’s time to GET SMART and move forward. Don’t turn to the left or the right, just keep moving forward and follow the lead of The Holy Spirit.

These are super exciting times in which we live. The Word promises that those of us who hunger and thirst after righteousness will be satisfied and filled!

Your Open Door awaits!


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