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Radical Love

I have been thinking a lot about RADICAL LOVE and what that looks like for me. When I think about it, the first thought that comes to mind is our Heavenly Father. He loves us soooo much that He gave His Son to die in our place. My second thought, of course, turns to Jesus. It was His RADICAL LOVE for us and obedience to His Father that allowed Him to endure such pain on the cross. The Bible further says that it was JOY to Him. The most excruciating death of all, death by crucifixion or suffocation, our Savior endured with JOY because of His RADICAL LOVE for you and me.

Soooooooo, pondering all of that I ask myself these questions: In what ways do I love radically? How can I demonstrate my thankfulness and gratitude to others for the RADICAL LOVE that I have been given? Am I really able to make a difference in the lives of others?

Friends, it is in this new season that RADICAL LOVE and humility will begin to open doors that were once closed to us.

All promotion comes from the Lord. Nothing is more important to Him than His creation - us!!!! ALL OF US!! Every single person He loves the same - fully, uniquely and completely!

Today I challenge myself and those of you who want to pray into this with me, How can we love others with RADICAL LOVE?

Dear Heavenly Father,

How can I even begin to fathom the depth and vastness of your love for me? It is such a mystery to me, God, that you would go to such extremes to draw me unto your holy heart. I am so grateful that you love me in the midst of my mess and circumstance. Such RADICAL LOVE, Father, requires a radical response. Open my eyes, I pray, to see others how you see them; to love them as you love them. Show me, Dear God, who I can love this day with RADICAL LOVE! Pour out Your love into my heart more fully and completely!

Thank you, Father, for entrusting Your heart to me. Fill my heart to full and overflowing with Your perfect love! I love You as best as I know how. Show me how to love You in ways that You love to be loved! Teach me more, Abba!

In Jesus name I pray.



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